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Welcome to Dennis Family Wellness Center

Your local Plano Chiropractic Office. Dr. Dennis has been serving our neighbors here in Plano TX and the surrounding area for over 15 Years, helping them find relief from their nagging Back Pain and Sciatic Nerve Pain, their Neck Pain and Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain and many other common issues.

We are proud to say that our Plano Chiropractic Office has even helped countless patients Avoid Surgery for issues with their Neck or Back due to Pain or a Disc Injury. We treat whiplash and other auto related injuries, work injuries and the most common “I just woke up like this” injuries. In most cases when you start to notice something is wrong from your “Pain Alarm” going off, the issue has reach, what we refer to as “crisis care” you are past prevention and alarms are being set off inside your body. Its time to listen and start putting yourself first. After all you can not give from an empty cup.

Once we start to play detective in the office we usually find that the issue has actually been going on for quite awhile. With this in mind, we treat our patients like family and as good of a guesser Dr. Dennis is, we would never guess when it comes to your health which is why we follow strict policies and procedures when setting up the proper care for you and your family. All of our treatments and therapies are individually structured based on you, your History, Exam, Testing and an in depth Motion Study X-Ray Analysis preformed by Dr. Dennis himself. You can be assured that you will be in good hands here at our Plano Chiropractic Office, Dennis Family Wellness Center.

If you would like to find pain relief Call (972) 801-9992 to schedule today!

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