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Meet Dr. Joseph Dennis

Your Caring Chiropractor in Plano

Plano chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Dennis

Plano chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Dennis

Dear Friend,

You know, when I meet people in town they usually say, “Oh yeah, I know you! You’re Dr. Joe. I’ve seen your ad with that picture of you and your cute little boy.”

Since that picture, my wife and I have had three little girls to go along with him.

Sometimes people ask why I chose to become a chiropractor. Well, fourteen years ago something happened to me that changed my life forever.

At the time, I was working in the operating room as a surgical technologist and in college studying to be a medical doctor.

Studying soon became impossible for me due to severe headaches. Sometimes the pain was so bad the only thing I could do was lie down. It felt like someone was inside my head with a sledgehammer. After taking several different medications, I still had no relief.

I started to get pretty scared. Here I was, just a young guy, and I was walking around with this terrible pain everyday. I thought I’d have to live like that forever.

A friend of mine then asked me to see his doctor. The new doctor did an exam, took some x-rays, and then began “adjusting” my spine. The adjustments didn’t even hurt; in fact they actually felt good. And guess what? I not only got relief, but my headaches completely went away. And by the way, that new doctor was a chiropractor.

Chiropractic worked so well, and I was so excited with the results, that I finished my college degree and applied to chiropractic school.

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