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Plano Knee Pain Treatment


Did you know that our knees take on the most weight, out of any joints in our bodies? Our knees are responsible for the balance and the stability of our body and they are in constant demand. That being said, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that knees are also the joints that are most prone to injury. Knee pain and injury are often times due to improper alignment or functioning, causing damage to the complex muscles, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons of the knee.

  • Dr. Joe Dennis is an expert in knee pain treatment and recovery. Those who suffer with Knee Pain in Plano rely on Dennis Family Wellness Center for relief along with recovery & rehabilitation. Using a combination of scientifically proven diagnostic expertise, physical therapies, and chiropractic care, Dr. Young works to successfully restores the pain-free knee functionality that you deserve.

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In the Knee pain can show itself in many different areas, this is because of its the knees complex structure. When knee pain shows itself as Back of the Knee Pain or Front of the Knee Pain, they are unique types of damage, just as Sides of the Knee Pain differ in the type of damage. When someone experiences knee pain when walking or knee pain when running, that too may signal different damage than when someone experiences keen pain when going up and down the stairs. Some people simply complain of knee pain while sitting.  However when you site down to explain how you are experiencing knee pain, be sure to be as detailed as possible. If you are experiencing symptoms like weakness in the knees, knee instability or lock knee or stiffness, those details are important and can allow for a much better diagnosis and treatment plan. If your having issues bending the knee area or not being able to fully lift your leg or extend the leg, note it when speaking to the doctor.

At times knee pain can simply go away, this is great for the time being but if left untreated, wear and tear can get worse and a small knee injury can return later in life as chronic knee pain. Seeking treatment immediately for any issues with knee pain or pain anywhere in the body is always advised. Since only about 10% of our nerves actually sense pain, its hard to know how severe an issue is until you have the proper testing.

This is why here at our Plano Chiropractic Office, Dennis Family Wellness Center, we follow strict policies and procedures before attempting to treat our patients. We base all of our therapies and chiropractic care on your individual history, full exam, motion study x-ray analysis and any other test that Dr. Dennis may feel is necessary. Once Dr. Dennis himself has a chance to go over everything in detail, he will put together his very best recommendation for care and will go over it with you, answer any questions you have about the treatment, your insurance and any cost that you may incur. 

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